Our Instructors


Zuri Osterholt



Zuri is originally from Chicago but has called many places her home including Costa Rica, South Korea, New York and now California! She views yoga as a moving meditation and integral part of her everyday life. With a passion for self healing and self discovery, Zuri has always gravitated towards therapeutic activities that stimulate and challenge a person mentally, physically and emotionally.

Zuri completed 250+ hours of teacher training in Hot Power Fusion at CorePower Yoga in Chicago. She has experience teaching hot style yoga at 8 different CorePower studios throughout Chicago, Sunmoon Yoga in Jersey City and New York Yoga Hot in Manhattan. In her class she aims to make you feel balanced in mind and body, empowered, uplifted and energized. Her sequences are crafted intelligently with inspiring playlists, meaningful themes, and hands on assists.


Tatiana Echevarria



Hawaii Native, Tatianas' yogic journey started at a very young age. Professionally trained at The Alvin Aleily American Dance Theater in ballet, jazz, modern (Martha Graham and Horton) tap, and yoga. Her expansive awareness of the human body transfers to her style of teaching. As her spiritual and holistic way of healing deepened, Tatiana steered her passion of dance and performance to, "how can I be of service to others?" The wanderlust spirit of this yogi took her across the world to Montezuma, Costa Rica, to obtain her Warrior 1 200-hr Vinyasa Yoga Certification.

Her classes have an emphasis in strength and heat as a way of cultivating a new perspective of body awareness. You will find that Tatiana balances strength building with deep inner work involving anatomy, physiology, and the mind woven throughout her classes. Tatiana's classes accommodate all levels - although they are challenging, you will leave feeling strong and energized.


 Angelica Saenz


Angelica joins Chico Hot Yoga from Encinitas, California, a birthplace for yoga in the western world. She began practicing yoga in 2005, seeking deeper body awareness, and therapy for sports injuries. She was quickly enchanted when she discovered the unification of the body, mind, and breath. Angelica met her first teacher, Madhu Nanda from Delhi, while working with her at the Golden Door in San Diego. After learning fundamentals of breath and alignment from Madhu Nanda, Angelica went on to study at the Ashtanga Yoga Center, with instructor Susan Taylor. Angelica went on to receive her 200 Hour Certification from the Center for Yoga Studies, at Yoga Tropics in Encinitas. She is certified in Hatha Hot Yoga, with specialized training in Vinyasa sequencing. You can always expect a warm smile and welcoming spirit when attending her class.


Brittney Poetzman


Inspired by eastern philosophy, Brittney began practicing yoga in 2008. She received her Vinyasa Yoga Teaching Certification through Spira Yoga & Wellness in August 2015. Studying under Amanda Correa, Brittney could dive deeper into yoga philosophy, anatomy, and creative sequencing.  In 2017 she studied Classic Hot Yoga (26&2) under teacher Joe Garrido. Having grown up in Northern California, Brittney has always been drawn to the quiet serenity of the forest and seeks to emulate that feeling in her classes through meditation and conscious breathing. Brittney is a certified Ananda Meditation teacher, having received her training through the Yogananda Institute of Grass Valley California. Brittney strives to inspire transformation and personal growth through thoughtful, challenging classes. She teaches a strong, sensual and playful vinyasa flow focused on empowering her students to push past their perceived boundaries and open to all the benefits of the practice. As a compliment to Vinyasa, she also enjoys teaching Yin Yoga. Yin allows for a cooling and stressing of the connective tissues resulting in greater flexibility and sense of calm. 



Neo Blair 


 My Yoga addiction has been a progressive source of well being. I’ve had some difficulties in life achieving balance and well being and, no tool I implement for health is more valuable than Hot Yoga. When I was eleven years old I was diagnosed with scoliosis and the specialist at the time recommended I take Classical Ballet as well as wear a corrective device in my shoe. I fell in love with ballet and to this day I still identify as a dancer… So, one can imagine how much I took to Yoga when a friend finally dragged me to my first class. This was about 17 years ago when I was still under the impression that Yoga was too basic, some form of stretching and breathing technique that was easy…. Imagine my surprise when the heat started blaring and the class got serious, and I started thinking to myself “WHAT THE… THIS IS HARDER THAN BALLET!?” The wonderful people in the Yoga world embraced my fidgety, painful detox and within two weeks of daily classes I had found my happiness again and restored my body to a place of internal balance and mental well being… It wasn’t easy, there were times I was in full emotional overload in class and that’s the best part of hot yoga - no one can see when you have angry tears - you're drenched in sweat! The hardcore detox and the heat is worth it because,

I am a new Man and I love life again. 


Rahma Collins 



Rahma Collins began practicing yoga when she was 8 years old, and this love affair is going strong after all this time.  Rahma has been teaching yoga all over the world for almost 10 years and was certified through Yoga Alliance in 2014 after studying with Spira Yoga & Wellness in Oroville, Calif. She has studied with well-known teachers and pursued a multitude of training and workshops to keep her practice and teaching strong and varied, and she managed a yoga studio in New Mexico before coming out to California 5 years ago to go even deeper into the yoga world. Her classes emphasize movement with breath, and combining strength and heat as a way to burn away old energy and make space for the new, while cultivating an acute body awareness.  Rahma believes yoga is one of the best ways to build a strong body, important because this is the vehicle that houses the mind and spirit. Prepare to drop down into your body and quiet your mind while you breathe through your movement meditation!


Chelsea West 


Chelsea is a Chico native.  She has worked as a registered nurse in the ER at Feather River Hospital for the past six years. Earlier this year, Chelsea made a commitment to herself to live the healthiest life she could both mentally and physically but more than that; live a life of authenticity. In the summer of 2017, she flew to Central America and completed her 200 hour YTT. As you find yourself on your mat in one of Chelsea's classes, you will feel empowered and begin to develop a safe practice that allows you to explore from asana to asana, and become awakened to the power of being present.  You will be challenged and supported in a way that will strengthen your mind and body as you move and breath. 

Her yoga journey has allowed her to see herself fully and live wholeheartedly.  "Through this practice, I am filled with gratitude every day and I am so excited to share it with others."