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  • Schedule

      Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
    6 am   CD HOT60 **   Speedy HOT60      
    9 am Classic HOT90 Speedy HOT60 Speedy HOT60 Speedy HOT60 Speedy HOT60 Speedy HOT60 Classic HOT90
    11 a.m.             Speedy HOT60 *
    4:30 pm     Classic HOT90   Classic HOT90    
    5:30 pm Classic HOT90 Speedy HOT60   Speedy HOT60   Speedy HOT60  
    6:30 pm     Classic HOT90 *   Classic HOT90 *    
    *Available for FREE Coupon       **No Beginners - this class will listen to a CD recording of the class
    • Why HOT Yoga?

      You want to relax and rid yourself of the day's stress, maybe get a good sweat on and just LET GO.

      Lose weight, gain muscle, tone up, slim down. Whichever direction you choose, we can help you get there!

      Feel better than you ever thought possible - about your body, about your mind, about your life!

      Our Beginning Yoga class is a demanding 26 posture series practiced in a hot room for 60 or 90 minutes. You will learn how the poses enhance the mind and how they relax, strengthen, reshape and heal the body.

    • The Heat

      Warm muscles are more supple and allow for deeper stretching with less soreness and a reduced risk of injury.

      Perspiration + physical exertion = increased heart rate & circulation.

      Sweating cleans your pores, your skin and the asanas facilitate the cleansing detoxification of your organs, glands and the entire body.

    • Updates!

      We have a new owner! Mandy Whigham took over the studio February 25 and will be bringing in a new full-time teacher later this month. Expect some changes to the schedule, as Mandy hopes to add more classes and hire another teacher, soon.

      We will continue to offer 60-minute classes and,
      in fact, we're changing both Friday classes to 60 minutes and adding a new 60-minute class on Saturdays at 11 a.m.

      Stay tuned!

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    • Location

      You've probably already driven by hundreds of times! We're on Mangrove, north of First Ave, in Mangrove Center.

      1140 Mangrove Ave, Suite B
      Chico, CA 95926

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